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    San Diego Award Winning Tours... SD to LA! 

    March 7th, 2015

    Los Angeles Artisan Foodie Market Tour

    From the first Winery in Los Angeles to Grand Central Market in Downtown.


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    San Diego Award Winning Tours...

    Award Winning Culinary Tours!

    For the past 12 seasons, George Geary Culinary Tours have paired up with Great News Cooking School... This past week the owner of the cooking school contacted us with an email stating that they will not be doing tours with us at this time. 

    We have hosted hundreds of foodie students from San Diego Area up to OC and LA.. Now we can expand with pick ups along the way! If you are interested let us know and we will put you on the list for the Spring Tours!  

    (This tour will be only provided by George Geary Tours and not in part with any cooking school). We will be using a Park and Ride Lot in San Diego, Oc and or LA for pickups. 


    France 2015! 20th Anniversary May 10th!

    George Geary Culinary Tours:

    Here is the last picture of all of us from France last May.. Happy yet sad as we had the cars packed and heading to the airport to head home, on longer vacations and a few on the train to Paris. After we returned to the office I had 2015 book solid! I have added a second week for May 10-16th. We are adding a Photographer to help us all learn how to take better pictures. Landscapes to food to people! The prices are still the same as 2009.. And you get so much more. I pick you up at the airport!

    Here is the Brochure. Act now! 




    Newsletter and Recipes!

    Deviled! Eggs.. 

    Oh the taste of a good deviled egg. A month back I was at La Grande Cafe in Pasadena that claims they have the best-deviled eggs. They are great! But sometimes you want to make your own. While trying to create a chunky texture for the filling I decided to jump on the Sriracha sauce bandwagon while I was at it.. Last week while I was in Chicago at Spritzburger (Gale Gand and the Hearty Boys place). Gale and I were talking about deviled eggs. She said.. You have to try mine. She said.. I put Sriracha in them! Funny I just created a recipe too using that thick red sauce! Hers’ are creamy and piped out of a pastry bag while mine is chunky and needed to be spooned into the cavities. Both were great.. 

    Here is my Recipe: Chunky Deviled Eggs


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    Also, France 2015 and New Orleans 2015! Two great tours! Here is the information. 

    France                       New Orleans


    George Geary Tours Presents France Food and Photography

    George Geary Award Winning Culinary Tours and 

    Heather Gill Photography Presents:

    Food, Travel & Art..

    The South of France Culinary and Food Photography Tour

    May 2015          Brochure

    Our all Foodie Tour sold out in 3 weeks... Do not wait to signup!