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    Banana Sour Cream Pound Cake

    Last week I was in West Lafayette, IN teaching and book signing.. One of my classes was on Bananas.. I posted this picture and recieived aboout 150 requests for the recipes. Some were nice enough to ask if it was in one of my books..

    Here it is:

    Banana Sour Cream Pound Cake



    European Butter Cookies.. 

    Ah..Meyer Lemon Butter Cookies.

    This past weekend was a "nature" weekend. It was sunny about 80F here in SoCal. We took a little "road trip" to the wild flowers.. The hills were packed with so many varieties of flowers! With all of the rain we have had the hills exposed their beauty for us!

    After the flowers then off to California Historical Citrus State Park.  It is a MUST visit stop. They have tours of the farms and all of the citrus. This time of year the aroma is intoxicating..  You also come home with a sample bag of the varieties! Afterwards I purchased 30 pounds of oranges.. A cross between Navel and Blood. Jams will be made this week!

    Here is the recipe for the butter cookies..Recipe for Butter Cookies

    A few years back I came across a rolling pin company that made embossed pins.. They are out of Poland.. But they ship to the states! Take a look at Rolling Woods Store.

    Rolling Woods Etsy Store:

    Until next time..


    SDLiving Tomorrow! St. Paddy's Day

    The Countdown begins... I have not posted too much about the end of the SDLiving Show on the CW6 in San Diego.. This is my last St. Paddy's Day Show. I started morning shows in 1993. The year I left Disney. It was also the year the launched The Food Network. I was a regular on ABCs Mike and Maty in the 90s.. That was a 3 year run.. I have been doing this show for about 7 years.. I will have to look at the first thing I made..  I created a segment called WTF Day.. (What The Food) Day.. every day has some sorts of food attached to it.. If we didn't have an idea as to a segment we would look into what food day it was... I was so happy to always do National Cheesecake Day.. So I could highlight my book and cheesecakes! 

    Here are the recipes for tomorrow.. Until next week! (The SDLiving Show signs off on the last day of the month). If any of you are a friend on Facebook.. I will be doing LIVE tomorrow while I set up my show around 8:15 am PDT.


    Shamrock Shake for Adults

    Drunken Pistachio Cake

    Pistachio Cheesecake

    Guinness Cupcakes with Cream Icing


    Chocolate Pecan Bars

    Chocolate Pecan Bars.. They are too hot to cut! 

    Here is the recipe.. Have a great weekend! 

    Chocolate Pecan Bars


    It's Pretzel Time


    Pretzels have had a religious story for years. Within the Catholic Church, pretzels were regarded as having religious significance for both ingredients and shape. The knot shape has been claimed to represent hands in prayer. Pretzels made with a simple recipe using only flour and water could be eaten during Lent. We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in America and I thought a nice yeast pretzel would be nice for you to try out. Here is a easy simple recipe. Make sure your yeast is fresh! Next Friday I will be on SDLiving doing my segment on Fast and Easy Appetizers for the holidays.. When people drop in or your in a rush! You will not want to miss it. If you do.. I will post the recipes here later in the week. 

    Soft Pretzels!