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    Chocolate Pecan Bars

    Chocolate Pecan Bars.. They are too hot to cut! 

    Here is the recipe.. Have a great weekend! 

    Chocolate Pecan Bars


    It's Pretzel Time


    Pretzels have had a religious story for years. Within the Catholic Church, pretzels were regarded as having religious significance for both ingredients and shape. The knot shape has been claimed to represent hands in prayer. Pretzels made with a simple recipe using only flour and water could be eaten during Lent. We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in America and I thought a nice yeast pretzel would be nice for you to try out. Here is a easy simple recipe. Make sure your yeast is fresh! Next Friday I will be on SDLiving doing my segment on Fast and Easy Appetizers for the holidays.. When people drop in or your in a rush! You will not want to miss it. If you do.. I will post the recipes here later in the week. 

    Soft Pretzels! 


    SDLiving Wednesday! Pumpkins 

    SDLiving.. LIVE on Wednesday! 

    November 11th, 2015.. 9am on the CW6.

    Here are the recipes if you are not in the San Diego Area or not able to watch.

    Pumpkin Soup

    Pumpkin Cupcakes

    Pumpkin Custards

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    Tiki Day on SDLiving!  

    August 13th.. on SDLiving... We go to the islands! Live at 9am on CW6. If you are not in San Diego you can check it out on thier site after the broadcast at: 

    I created a super moist flavorful pound cake for last year. (Check out the site for more of my recipes.. Just search under my name)

    Here it is:

    Mojito Rum Tea Cake with Glaze

    Also you need an appetizer..

    Fast and Easy Island Shrimp. 


    Cookie Time.. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds!

    Last weekend I went to the Temecula Farmers Market looking around for new fresh items of the season. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds for cooking.  The walnuts were a bright hue of red that do not loose their color when baking. If you are not close to this farmers market you can get them from Amazon.

    Notice the pure color that does not look like they are just dyed.

    I made Red Walnut Oatmeal cookies that turned out terrific! Here is the recipe:

    Red Walnut Oatmeal Cookies 

    Keys Creek Lavender Farm up the road from Temecula has a table filled with the only organic certified farm for lavender around. The farm used to be open to the public, but now only if you are attending a class or function. Their Linen spray is the best on the market and made at the farm. I purchased the food grade buds to make lavender sugar and to decorate the cookies.

    Have you even purchased something from I was looking around at rolling pins and found these remarkable tools from Rolling Woods: They even make to order.. They are out of Poland, but no worries if you order with Paypal.. My pins arrived within 3 weeks from ordering! Rolling Woods

    I made Lavender Butter Cookies using the Lavender buds and European butter:

    Lavender Shortbread Cookies 


    Lastly,  I am a sucker for a good Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love how these turned out with the soft inside and outside with a little crunch. They also look like ones my grandmother made..


    Rich Chocolate Chip Cookies







    Thursday is National Cheesecake Day.. Post coming soon.. I will be on LIVE CW6 San Diego Living.. Tune in.. 9am!