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    The Brown Derby... Paprika Chicken

    The Brown Derby. One of the iconic historical Los Angeles landmarks gone... The Wilshire location (across from the Ambassador Hotel) was the only one that was in the shape of a derby.. Here is a recipe for the Paprika Chicken. It was served on the menu only once a week.

    Paprkia Chicken


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    How It All Started.. 1969

    1969 was a great year.. 2012 not so good for Hostess Bakery Products.

    Every class I teach I get someone asking.. "How did you get your start" or "When did you know you wanted to be a pastry chef?" It was 1969. One of the first field trips was to the Interstate Baking Co. It seemed like we spent all day there. I recall bringing my lunch and we all got to taste donuts hot off the line. We even each got an entire bag of the powdered gems to take home. That was a huge bag of donuts! Ah I was hooked. I recall watching the twinkies get the injection on the bottom of the tube of sponge cake and the cups cakes getting one center injection and then the top icing, Oh dont forget the 7 swirls on each cupcakes.. I was told 7 swirls mendt that the baked fresh daily. Its not easy seeing an iconic brand taken away. When I would stop for gas I would sometime grab a cupcake or honeybun.  After seeing the plant.. I knew I wanted to be a baker. Everone was so happy and loved the excitement of pastry! 

    Hostess Product By Debut Year

    1931: Wonder Bread (Helps Build Strong Bodies in 12 Ways) 

    1930: Twinkies (Originally with a Banana Creme Filling)

    1947: Snow Balls (Normally Pink or White, but in March Green)

    1950: Cupcakes (My Favorite)

    1961: Suzi Q's

    1965: Fruit Pies (Apple, Lemon, Berry, Peach, Chocolate)

    1967: HoHo's (Three little cake rolls)

    !985: Cinnamon Coffee Cakes


    Will they come back? Humm  I hope so. 



    Smiles Service Samples… The Three “S’s”

    See’s Candy makes it the fourth!

    The three S’s has been a motto for years. If you have ever walked into the See’s candy stores around the west you will always see a older lady in a black and white picture on the wall. That’s Mary, mother of the founder Charles. After his father had passed in 1919 in Canada, his mother Mary came out Pasadena to live with he and his wife Florence.  462 South Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, CA.


    Charles started experimenting with his mothers candy recipes. Some of the original candies are still sold today. Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Victoria Toffee, Hand Dipped Bon Bons and Maple Walnut Creams.


    Researching where the first candy factory/store was I found the address. 135 North Western, Los Angeles, CA. Close to the old Bullocks Wilshire. They first had Indian then Harley's outfitted special for delivery of the boxed chocolates. The driver looked a little bit like a off-duty LAPD officer.

    Checking on google.maps I found it was still there and the conservancy was trying to have the city grant it historical status. Looking at the building I was saddened. I thought that if it was still standing I could maybe take pictures and send them to the CEOs office to get them to save it from the wrecking ball. (The owners wanted to put a strip mall in).

    Here is the dilapidated building from google.maps. May 2011. You can see the decorative "tooth" work above the windows and those 4 windows how they curve in at the top.  

    The other day I drove past the address to find what I was expecting to be a torn down building as nothing in the news stated that the city had grated historical status. I found to my surprise a Tom N Tom Coffee. It’s one of the largest coffee houses in Korea. They had taken the entire two-floor building and converted it about 3 months ago. I still would love to see a plaque outside of it. One of my favorite things of Europe is that where ever you walk they have plaques saying what happen at that site or who lived at the location etc…

    2009: LA Times Article to designate the building a landmark

    2012: Fortune Article on Warren Buffett and See's