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    Happy New Year! Jarlsberg Cheese on SD Living! 

    Happy New Year! In a few days we will ring in a new year. Tomorrow I will be doing my New Years Eve Segment on Jarlsberg Cheese and also Hibiscus Flowers. Here are the links to the recipes. Pictures will follow after the show.

    If you are in the San Diego area. The show is on the CW6 SD Living at 9am.

    White Chocolate Hibiscus Mist Drink 

    Roasted Garlic and Onion Jarlsberg Cheese Dip

    Caramelized Onion Jarlberg Bruschetta

    Jarlsberg Cheese Red Pepper Salsa




    Day 7: The Flavors of Christmas... Butter


    Yes... a flavor! I have created a Hot Butter Rum Drink and also a French Butter Cookie that is so light! Enjoy! I think you will love these recipes. 

    Salt vs Unsalted butter. First I kid and say I used unsalted because I am worried about your health. Really do you know how much salt is in butter? I don't either.. So I use unsalted so I can use the amount of salt I feel is best. Also, salted butter last longer so grocery stores can keep it on the shelve longer. 

    Hot Buttered Rum

    French Butter Cookies. 


    Day 5: The Favors of Christmas… Hibiscus! & SD Living in the AM

    Holidays are all about the color red and green! Looking at this festive drink it just puts you into the mood!

    Tuesday morning I will be doing my Holiday segment for SD Living. I know some of you are outside the area so after the broadcast I will put the show up here on the blog. 

    The Favor is Hibiscus! Red Ruby Hibiscus flowers make up this Hibiscus Cranberry Margarita that the glass was rimmed with Hibiscus salts.

    The second recipe is Hibiscus Pots De Creme.


    If you do not have a BevMo close by, here is a link for the flowers.. I also will highlight a New Years Eve Drink on SD Living the 27th using the flowers.


    Contest! Ok.. How would you like to win a bag of the salt and a jar of the flowers? The tenth person to email me at with the correct answer. What country are the flowers from? Wins!

    Tomorrows Flavor is: Vanilla!

    Also, anyone needing any personalized cookbooks.. Get your order in NOW so you get them for Christmas! STORE    


    Day 1: Holiday Time!!! Chocolate is the Word! 

    It's time for the Twelve Days of Holiday Sweetness! This year I am doing a few things different. 1. I am also going to be highlighting a product that I feel is the BEST to use for the recipe. 2. Every day of the twelve days are "themed". Today's theme is Chocolate! 3. I am adding a drink recipe! All drink recipes there will be two versions. Adult and Kid-Friendly! .. And we will have a few contests during the run! 

    Day 1: Chocolate


    Hot Truffle Chocolate

    Chocolate Fudge Butter Cookies  (revised)  Tomorrow... Cinnamon! 


    Half "Bun" Baking Sheets.. First the origin of the name.. A full sheet is standard for bakeries. These pans are mainly to make yeast buns and these are half the size.. thus.. Half Bun Pans! If you have been at one of my classes you will always see me use these trays for prepping and also for baking cookies. Sheets of Parchment Paper ft perfectly. They will not warp, they are affordable to order at least 6! So you can have your cookies cool completely on the cookie trays. Many cookie cookbook authors only like sheets with two sides that are flat like the sheet. Its been told that the air-flow of the oven will not be even with all four sides like these cookie trays.. I say.. Bologna! If the heat in your oven can not go over 1/2-inch then you have more problems with regulation then with baking of your cookies. 


    SD Living: National Rum Day! 

    National Rum Day was last Friday... I decided to do my segment on Thursday as I was leaving for AZ for the weekend. It was a crazy show! I started by getting the anchors a little buzzed! Rum Spritzers! Then a Pineapple Rum Sauce for Ribs and Chicken. 

    Here is the Segment: The Show 

    Here are the recipes: The Recipes