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    SD Living: WTF: Cheesecake Day

    WTF: "What The Food Day!"

    Today on San Diego Living We celebrated National Cheesecake Day.. And who else besides me.. The author of two cheesecake books and former cheesecake maker for The Golden Girls. In past Blogs I have talked and told stories of the days making pastry and foods for many Paramount Shows and also over at Ren-Mar Stages a few blocks away.

    Here are the Recipes from Today's Show:

    Watermelon Rum Coolers

    The Golden Girls Cheesecake (Season 3)

    Mini Cheesecakes


    Link to Classes and Tours in San Diego: Great News


    The first week sold out so we added another week of Food in France! Here is the information! 


    Link to my France 2015 Food, Art and Photography Tour  


    SD LIVING: Nat'l Hamburger Day with Jarlsberg Cheese! 

    SD Living: May 28th, 2014:

    A great filled burger! Three different types of filling.  Also a Lemon Drink for those hot summer days and don't forget Cheese Fries! Here are the recipes. The show will be up after the taping.

    Lemon Cooler

    Cheese Fries

    Three Filled Hamburgers



    SD Living: It's Spring Time.. Pistachio Cake

    On LIVE! Friday the 21st of March! CW6.. SD Living!

    California Breeze!

    A light and refreshing drink for the perfect Springtime Brunch, party or event!

    Here is the Recipe





    And here is the recipe for the moist and rich Sherry Pistachio Cake




    SD Living National Fondue Day and Selfies! 

    Here is today's crazy show from SD Living.. Marc learned how to do “selfies” on the news for his new Facebook Page.. SO I then had to get into the action and get one of Heather, he and I as we wrapped up Valentines Day with George.

    I started out with making a Chocolate Strawberry Martini, Then Raspberry Semi-Sweet Fondue and last but not least White Chocolate Macadamia Fondue.. Here also is a recipe for my Peppermint Marshmallows.


    SD Living is on the CW Monday-Friday in San Diego California.

    Here is the link to my segment.  (The picture is not of me strangling Marc.. we are doing the selfie)


    SD Living National Fondue Day! 

    Tomorrow! Feb 5th on SD Living... Live! 

    National Fondue Day....

    I will be making Raspberry Chocolate Fondue

    White Chocolate Macadamia Fondue and This Killer Drink... Chocolate Strawberry Martini! 

    Recipes and Link to the show will be up after the show.. Here is the Drink Recipe

    Chocolate Strawberry Martini!