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    June 19th: 9am San Diego Living Show!

    Tune in tomorrow for the show! I will be making two No-Bake Recipes.. Here they are:

    No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars 

    No-Bake Key Lime Butter Cookies.. Click on to get the recipe!



    The Toll Of It All…

    Reasonably I don’t have too many pet peeves. Or at least I don’t think I do. When I do thou I voice it in my classes and presentations to see if I get a laugh out of it and if others feel the same way… This one is a keeper.

    Toll House Cookies. Purchasing a 12 oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips just to make a batch of the famous cookies. Bliss.. until you mix up a batch and start eating the raw creamy buttery chocolate dough.  I only yielded about 18 cookies! I looked on the package and the recipe states.. Makes 60 cookies. Sixty Cookies! Did I eat that much dough? The next time I made them, I didn’t eat any dough, not a smidgen.  I took the dough and cut it into 6 equal pieces. Then I took each of those pieces and cut those into 10. What I had was ten smaller than marble size cookies that were actually burned when I baked them for the exact timing that the recipe called for. I don’t think Mrs. Ruth Wakefield really intended us to eat cookies with only 2 chips in per cookie.

    Here is the original recipe and yes it states the yield is 60!

    Toll House Cookies

    I really think it should say. Yield: 1 dozen plus dough eating.

    When I am working on a recipe I am always making sure the yield will come out the same for you as it did for me. I would hate to have made a batch of muffins that supposedly yielded 24 and I only got 18. 

    Here is a great cookie that I have put together.. They are moist and full of flavor. Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They yield 20 cookies, but if you eat any dough you will get 12!

    Here is the recipe.. Enjoy!

    Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies 


    Peach Jam

    It was time... I ran out of Peach Jam.   Last year after reading Russ Parsons Jam making story in the LA Times I only could think of Peach Jam! So I made 12 jars last year.. Now I am out.. I still have a number of berry jam jars left...


    Here is the recipe.

    Jam and Easy Way! 


    Make sure you follow the directions perfectly and you will be well rewarded! 


    Banana Pecan Three Layer Cake! The Power of the Internet...

    Banana Pecan Three Layer Cake

    Last night I thought I would bake a cake... I was about to get out the normal 9-inch pans and then decided that a taller version would be oh so much better! I had about 5lbs of over ripe bananas that I kept in the freezer. Time to defrost them! 

    After mixing the batter and popping the cakes into the oven I thought I would check out Facebook.. After a short chat with a few friends the buzzer rang... I took the cakes out and placed them on a cooling rack.. Grab the iphone... snap snap.. Posted! Within 5 minutes these pictures went viral! You would have thought it was a star in trouble. No just a pastry chef that has baked for the stars!

    The excitement of the posts were overwhelming.. From the high seas of crews around the globe to a colleague in the sky flying 40,000 feet in the air to UK and French friends.. to even my buddy Brian that is serving in Africa in the US Army. I wish I would have had a cake for each of them!

    Today I iced and decorated the cakes.. Again. mayhem. This time from a few of my friends that are tv and music stars!

    If you want to create mayhem and the world to talk here is the recipe... If you would like to get the pans to make the cake in.. you can order them from my store.. Also check out my new book you can pre-order!

    Banana Pecan Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.  



    1960's Eggnog Recipe

    This morning I received an instant message from my good friend Mary…

    “I love all of the recipes.. Do you have an eggnog recipe with the raw eggs to where it has so much brandy that the salmonella is all killed?”


    OK first of all.. YES. From my old recipe collection. These recipes are in a file with the real Cesar dressing, Pasta Carbanara and Hollandaise sauce that I don’t use in recipes in class because of the raw scare.  But here is a recipe as it was intended to be made. 

    1960's Eggnog Recipe

    Now if you dont want to make your own.. And you live in the greater Los Angeles area try Broguieres Dairy. You can find it at the dairy in Montebello and some selected stores. When I host my holiday food tours we always have the eggnog.. 

    Briguieres Dairy