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    Day 8: The Flavors of Christmas... Apples and More 

    Apples are packed with crisp flavor! I have included two great recipes for you to try.. One is my Christmas Dessert..

    Apple Crisp


    Check to see my Facebook page at George Geary Culinary Tours and Classes.. I just posted pictures from today's Holiday Flower Market Tour. 


    Day 6: The Flavors of Christmas…. Vanilla!


    Only second in line to Chocolate.. (Notice how this entire 12 days started with Chocolate?). I have enclosed a simple custard recipe. Also, I want everyone to make their own vanilla extract. I have attached a few pages on facts of this only edible orchid plant and some stories of the vanilla regions I have been fortunate to tour and visit.

    Also, if you make your own vanilla, you need the perfect bottles! I have found them and below is the link for those. And a great price! 

    Tomorrows flavor is...Butter! And I just purchased 5 pounds of european butter today! 

    Here is the link to the Hibiscus Holiday Show I did for SD Living: LINK

    Vanilla Facts Vanilla Extract Vanilla Custards

    6 beautiful bottles! You will want to start making my Limonchello (recipe on this blog).


    Holiday Recipes…. Soft Ginger Cookies 

    It's Fall... I love all of the spices and aromas that make up the fall/holiday time. Here is a spiced cooking that is very soft. I use two kinds of ginger in the recipe.

    If you are looking at your spice cabinet and thinking.. I need new spices.. Then check out The Spice House out of Chicago area. They ship and its work every cent! When you open a jar of spices you will begin to notice the freshness right away.  

    The Spice House


    Secondly, I have a few spaces for my May 2014 trip to the south of France. If you are interested please email me at

    France Information


    Here is the recipe for these great cookies: Recipe

    Also, make sure you have signed up for my daily recipe for the 12 days of Christmas.. 

    Do me a favor and repost this and or send to your foodie friends.. They may just gice you my France Trip as a gift!






    1981: Chocolate Truffle Torte.

    Back Way Back I created this Chocolate Truffle Torte Recipe..

    Change it up for your own tastes.. You can refrigerate it for a firm texture or keep it at room temperature for a creamy texture.

    I used to make this as a wedding cake and wrap it in a sheet of chocolate then gold leaf it.. 






    Bacon! It's in everything...

    Last nights class in San Diego.. all on Bacon.. Here is the recipe for the mini- Baked Donuts.. It is best if you purchase a donut pan from Wilton. They work great!