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    Rose Meringues

    What do you do with the left-over egg whites? Here is a fast and easy recipe to make. You can make these last in your holiday baking so you can put them in the oven to dry out overnight. I made mine with rose water and light pink coloring. 



    Cinnamon Rolls.. Yea!

    Cinnamon Rolls. 

    Hot and fresh.. when you hear those two words you think of cinnamon and warmth from a kitchen. Years ago I created a Cinnamon Roll that I taught on the pilot of The Mike and Maty Show.. feeding the entire 250 people in the audience hot cinnamon roll lead to being on the show as a regular. 

    This week LA Weekly had an article on the top 10 cinnamon rolls of Los Angeles. I have eaten in a few and really.. Nothing special. Here is the link:

    LA Weekly

    Now I am a little biased.. YOu choose for yourself.. Here is alink to mine.. And look at the picture.. You get plenty of icing! Lots of it! Plus in 1995 I won the Best Cinnamon Roll Recipe from OC Register.. I think I woudl win today too. 

    George's Cinnamon Rolls


    Central Market and Texas Students

    I'm Back!!!!!

    In a few weeks I will be back to Central Market throughout the state of Texas. Next week any former students that I have US Postal addresses for will be receiving information about the classes and all of my books including my new book coming out this week. This will be my last US Mail to all of you. I will be corresponding though here and my newsletter. Please make sure you are in my email data base.

    All classes are from 6:30pm to 9:00pm                                                           Monday Oct.1st:     Dallas Location                                                                 Tuesday Oct. 2nd:   Southlake Location                                                               Wed. Oct 3rd:       San Antonio Location                                                           Thurs. Oct 4th:     Houston Location                                                                 Friday Oct 5th:      Austin Location

    I will be teaching a class, all on chocolate desserts. With a recipe from my newest cookbook all on donuts!  150 Best Donut Recipes!

    Extraordinary Fall & Holiday Chocolate Pastry Party

    The fall and holiday season is upon us and time to create showstopper deserts with ease. Learn from George how to make perfect pastry. Author of 9 award-winning cookbooks, George will create desserts that will have all of your guests in Awe. 

    Menu: Semi-Sweet Mocha Flour-less French Torte, 5 Chocolate Brownies Drenched with Bittersweet Glaze, Pots de Crème, Milk Chocolate Mini-Cakes with Truffle Filling and Baked Chocolate Donuts with Vanilla Macadamia Sauce. to register


    Norway.... Waffles

    The Waffles of Norway

    I recently returned from a 7 day cruise of The Netherlands and Norway. We started in Rotterdam the home port of Holland America Lines and also the ms. Rotterdam. We sailed to Oslo, the Fjords, Flam and a few places in-between.

    Many places served waffles. cold waffles. I am used to a nice crispy hot butter melting waffles. Not the Dutch or Norwegians. They make waffles and stack them up with just a towel on top to keep warm. Served with a nice raspberry compote and thickened cream or sour cream. Here are the waffles I had above Flam, Norway

    Norway Waffles


    It's All Green... Pistachio Cake with a Sherry Glaze

    I first made this cake in the early 1980s in a small Hollywood cake bakery called The Cake Walk it was on 3rd street and La Brea in the middle of all of the studios and the action.  Daily we would get filming crews, stars and the like. For weddings the groom would always pick this cake as the base. Funny how you can make a cake and the flavors and aroma of the kitchen take you back to days gone bye.


    Here is the glazing of the cake.... We used to boast.. "Glazed with Harvey's Bristol Creme Sherry".. The only bottle of Harvey's was in the display case next to the cake. We used jug sherry at a tenth of the cost. Today I use Galleano Winery Sherry Crema Cask Three.. (Below is the link to order and more information).

    Recipe for Pistachio Cake

    Galleano Winery Sherry and Website